Amazing Forest

Birch Water straight from the tree to the bottle. Birch water has a subtle sweetness that is described as either, caramel, toffee or maple taste.  Birch Water is, low in calories and a good source of many nutrients: manganese, magnesium, zinc and calcium and high in antioxidants.

100% organic

Product Name: Amazing Forest

Type: Birch Water

Description: Choose from pure birch water or beautifully sharp and refreshing pure birch water with lingonberry, cranberry, or bilberry added. Nothing artificial, 100% organic.

Key Ingredients:  Birch Water, Bilberry, Cranberry, Lingonberry

Country of Origin: UK/Belarus 
Format:  250 ml Glass Bottle 
Size(s) Case:  24 x 250ml case 

Bilberry: AMAZ-BIRW-OGC-BIL-250-B

Lingonberry: AMAZ-BIRW-OGC-LIN-250-B

Cranberry: AMAZ-BIRW-OGC-CRA-250-B

Organic Certification:
MOQ: 1 pallet

Recommended Sectors: SME Retailer, Horeca, Wholesaler

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