How we got started

It may surprise you to know that Pure Organic Drinks was started unintentionally. In 2013 we knew there was such thing as organic wine, but organic beverages were not really a thing back then in the UK. We had two businesses at this time, close protection security and legal services, However, we have always been inclined to dive into unfamiliar territory and create our own innovative angle. So back in 2013, this same process was about to start all over again following an encounter with a bottle of Organic Vodka. We were providing security at a venue in London when we inadvertently came across the Vodka. We didn’t know organic spirits existed, so this mysterious bottle got our interest. We wanted to find out more!

This fascination got our entrepreneurial clogs ticking and so we started searching for other organic spirits and beverages; the vision for Pure Organic Drinks was born’’. However, at the time, ‘the UK market was not quite ready for organic beverages yet’, so Pure Organic Drinks traded with international companies. As the UK is now finally trending with organic, eco, and mindful purchases Pure Organic Drinks are re-launching their services with UK consumers in mind.   

Paul Rogers, (pictured second from the left) 23 August 1971 – 07 December 2020

For the People!

The team here at Pure Organic Drinks knows only too well the impact of loss in the current times and how this impacts on those left behind.  Paul Rogers, a key member of our team, sadly passed away from Covid-19 and leaves an immense vacuum in both his family, personal and working life.  

Paul was an all-around amazing and talented person, with an enviable reputation for hard work and kindness. In his spare time, Paul was always raising money for Cancer Research and other charity organisations. So, in Paul’s memory, we want to support charities that reach out to families who have been devastated by the impact of illness, hardship, and bereavement.

You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you,

What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make”

Jane Goodall

For the Planet!

Organic Sustainable and Responsible 

We are also aiming to donate a percentage of our revenue to support the planet.

We know no matter how conscientious a company is, it will inevitably leave some form of negative impact on the environment. We want to give back as much as we can and reduce our impact on the planet. There are so many great charity organisations addressing and supporting causes such as:

  • Offsetting C02 emissions.  
  • Woodland and forest management. 
  • Renewable energy.  
  • Climate change projects. 
  • Biodiversity conservation.  
  • Sustainable and practical solutions for poor communities internationally. 
  • Promotion of healthy food produced without harm to farmers and food producers and without dependence on toxic chemicals. 
  • Organic growing and agriculture – essential for a healthy and sustainable world, eco-sanitation, and sustainable eco-friendly building. 

Pure Organic Drinks’ goal is to support as many of these worthwhile planet-focused charities as we can!